Are You Ready for the Equanimity Awards Gala?

The 2018 Equanimity Awards are happening this year on July 28th. The annual gala benefits JB Dondolo, Inc., a 501c3 charity dedicated to help fight poverty. The event host is Alianna Sarabia, and the event co-host is Daniel Dodd-Ellis. The event is at a private location in Lewisville, Texas starting at 6pm. You can purchase tickets through the website, here.

2018 honorees include:

  • Community Impact Award: LeAnne Locken
  • Breakthrough Award: Rogers Vigne
  • Humanitarian Award: Leslee Udwin
  • Excellence Award: Monica Johnson
  • Visionary Voice Award: Debra Nixon-Bowles
  • Women Empowerment Award: Cassandra Bradford Wilson
  • People’s Choice Award: Noah McArthur
  • Outstanding Teen Leader Award: Colby Christina
  • Pan-African Thrive Award: To be announced at the awards.

Guests and presenters will include:

  • Angie Ransome Jones
  • Sipiwe, Mutsa, and Sinikiwe of talk show Ndeipi MuDiaspora
  • Sibongile Mlambo
  • Ashley Berges
  • Seckeita & Brandon Lewis
  • Lousine Kariban
  • Tommy Simms

About The Equanimity Awards

The Equanimity Awards Gala benefits the JB Dondolo, Inc. charity. The purpose of this event on July 28 is to award change makers in the community all while raising funds (in-kind and monetary donations) for Phase II of Hospital Hope Project. Phase II is about fixing and building new structures (including sustainable water systems) at Igusi Clinic. This effort will impact a community of 20,000 people.

The Equanimity Awards Gala honors individuals in various categories such as entrepreneur, community achievement, humanitarian, excellence, visionary, breakthrough, leadership and more.

The Equanimity Awards Gala is where people from various backgrounds can connect with like-minded individuals for a common and good cause – to support each other and support our charitable work in the communities.

About JB Dondolo, Inc.

JB Dondolo, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit which primarily exists to provide charitable services to impoverished communities worldwide. The company focuses on those markets that cannot afford the simple, basic necessities. The organization was founded by Dondolo’s children in November, 2012. It is named after their late father, J. B. Dondolo, an orphan, farmer, and humanitarian advocate whose values and principles on giving continue to inspire his children, friends, and families across the world. J. B. Dondolo played a critical role in the fight against poverty. Dondolo’s children saw the need to form a non-profit to honor their father so his legacy of good deeds would continue. The charity is interested in promoting, developing, and completing projects and programs that have been started but left incomplete or imagined but not started for a variety of reasons.

For more information about The 2018 Equanimity Awards

Send an email to or call 817-705-6212 if you’re interested in learning more, want to become a sponsor, or would like to volunteer.

You can also follow the event on its the 2018 Equanimity Awards Facebook Event Page, and purchase tickets through the link there.

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