7 Budget-Friendly Tips for Updating a Transitional Wardrobe

Sometimes, life calls for “transitional wardrobes.” These are wardrobes meant to only cover a short time-span, since the wearer is still in the process of losing weight, pregnant, postpartum, or even putting on weight to achieve a healthier lifestyle. For many, the temptation is to resort to wearing ill-fitting clothing, sweatpants, old-t-shirts and other less-than-stylish items. That can really create a barrier when you’re trying to feel good about yourself on a daily basis.

1. Shop your closet

Try on each item you own. Is it too small, too large, too short? Do you love the fabric? The style? If you were in a store right now, would you buy it as it is? Corral all of the pieces you would purchase again that fit well. Those will be the pieces you work around. Donate or resell anything that is ill-fitting beyond tailoring, in a fabric you hate, or that you never wore when it did fit.

2. “Upcycle” old favorites

If you have a piece you love that you don’t want to part with, you may be able to turn it into something else that will fit you much better. If you’re handy, you may be able to create a completely new item. If you have a dress you love where the top no longer fits you but the bottom does, consider cutting the bodice off and creating a new waistband. If you’re not handy, but have a friend who is, you may be able to pay her to do this for you.

3. Add a good tailor to your contacts list

If you’ve only changed sizes by one or two sizes, the item is well-made, and you’re going down in size, a good tailor can help fix the fit. Some tailors can also let out waistbands and hips in items. This can be a good way to save what you already have and adapt it to your changing body.

4. Make a shopping list of basics

Don’t go for fads. Right now, you’ll want basics that can work with what you’ve kept and that will have a good resale value. Hold off on the pineapple print jeans just yet. Save trends for when you’re no longer in a transitional stage of life – or keep trends to shoes, handbags, scarves, and other accessories.

5. Go treasure hunting

There are a lot of great second-hand options these days. Look at garage sales, thrift stores, online resale shops, and even Facebook. Many local groups allow selling of unneeded items, and you can get great deals that way.

6. Don’t pay full price unless you can resell it

When you’re purchasing items new and at full price, be sure you can pass it along to someone else. There are lots of ways to do that, including using Ebay, second-hand sites like ThreadUp and TheRealReal, and those Facebook groups I just mentioned.

7. Do not settle for leggings!

Seriously! You don’t have to, unless, of course, that’s your thing. Then, rock it!


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