Recap of the 2018 Equanimity Awards Benefit Gala

A huge “thank you” goes out to all those who attended the 2018 Equanimity Awards Benefit Gala. The support for Equanimity and JB Dondolo, Inc. is greatly appreciated.  You can continue support for JB Dondolo here. Even committing to as little as $2 a month helps a lot in the fight to get clean water to those who need it and in the fight against infant mortality.

How the Event Did in Raising Funds for JB Dondolo, Inc.

Here’s the rundown of how successful the Equanimity Awards Benefit Gala was this year according to JB Dondolo’s Facebook page:

  • Seventy one people signed up for a trip to Africa. “We will go in groups. The first group of 12 is already working with the Donor Trips coordinator.”
  • 2 Bros in the Kitchen had a goal of selling 200 cupcake jars at $7.00 a jar. They sold 105 jars and they will deliver another 100 jars to Dallas this week. You can learn more about what they’ve been up to on the 2BrosITK Facebook page.
  • Stephanie Kirkpatrick’s tooth whitening toothpaste campaign had a goal of selling 50 tubes. 13 sold, and there are 35 tubes remaining. You can message her through her Facebook page. She’s running her fundraising campaign throughout August.
  • Two event spaces have been donated thank you to Pete Persaud and Robert Griffin – one in Richardson and one in Arlington.
  • One person joined the advisory board of JB Dondolo: Pete Persaud.

  • The $2 a month subscription campaign kicked off to a great start. There are 30 subscribers thus far. You can subscribe to donate just $2 a month for the important Igusi Hospital Project here. Just be sure that you check “Make this a monthly donation.)
  • A $500 Scholarship was donated donated on behalf of JB Dondolo by Pete Persaud to Grand Prairie Parks and Recreation.
  • Cash donations (including auctions) totaled  $1,661.

Thank you again to all who participated in making the 2018 Equanimity Awards Benefit Gala a success! Please share this post to help get the word out about the various fundraising efforts going on this month for JB Dondolo.

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