Provide People With a Clean Water Filtration System in Igusi

JB Dondolo has launched a new fundraising campaign with CaringCrowd. This is a great crowdsourced fundraising platform backed by Johnson & Johnson. By donating as little as $10 to the campaign, you can help to save a child and a mother’s lives. The goal of this campaign is to raise $8,000 to provide people with a clean water filtration system in Igusi.

The message from JB Dondolo is:

The JB Dondolo Clean Water project (in Zimbabwe) made it onto Caring Crowd! We’re trying to raise $8,000 for the filtration system recommended by National University of Science and Technology (NUST). The lab results by NUST show that the water is unsafe for consumption,  especially for children under the age of 1 due to high levels of nitrates. This has been directly linked to the catastrophic increase in illnesses. The filtration system recommended will address this issue and prevent the hospital from being shutdown. We are taking this scientific, informed and researched approach which not only save us money and time, but leads us to implement a sustainable, long-term solution. NUST will perform consistent testing of the water and we will share our findings in the hope that others who want to provide clean water and face a similar challenge may benefit.

Invest in the water project that reduces infant mortality, ensures that mothers have healthy babies, and the aging population is hydrated and has comfort and dignity, period.

It would be great if you were to help with this fundraising drive. Even if you cannot donate to the cause, if you share this fundraising campaign with your friends and followers, you can help raise the funds needed to provide this community with the clean water they critically need.

Without clean water, astronomically high rates of infant mortality, stillbirths, and blue baby syndrome will continue to plague the community of 20,000.

$10 can go a long way toward helping the Igusi community. The best news is that if we act quickly, Johnson & Johnson will match donations up to $250.




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