Interview with Hopeful Arms Foundation’s Founder, Demira Devoil

What if I told you that there’s a foundation out there that’s working to help those living in poverty and those who are homeless get back on their feet with the tools and resources necessary to overcome poverty? Hopeful Arms Foundation aims to do just that. On their website, the quote by Anonymous, “Hope is the dream that awakens the soul,” greets visitors. Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Demira Devoil, founder of Hopeful Arms Foundation, and learn more about those the organization serves as well as talk with her a bit about her own success. Here’s how that went.
Ronda Bowen (RB): What gave you the idea to start the Hopeful Arms Foundation?
Demira Devoil (DD): Hopeful Arms Foundation’s goal is to see those in the single parent and homeless communities equipped with the tools and resources to overcome poverty.  I was a single parent, who found herself in a homeless situation in Louisiana and experienced firsthand how the lack of resources can lead to limited options for people in the homeless community.  This connection is the foundation for the organization and the individuals we serve.
RB: Please tell our readers about what the aims of the Hopeful Arms foundation are.
DD: Hopeful Arms Foundation is a 501c(3) non-profit organization established to provide intensive life planning, financial planning, training, education, and other services to high risk, under-served individuals. Our goal is to promote self-sufficiency among single parents and homeless individuals for a productive and prosperous transition out an impoverished lifestyle.
RB: What projects do you have underway with the Hopeful Arms Foundation?
DD: Our current project is the Rebirth Shelter Life Program. Rebirth Shelter Life is a program designed to lead, guide, and mentor shelter residents after shelter departure for 3-4 consecutive months. The innovative structure of this program is designed to provide the best outcomes for the homeless community because of its focus of providing education, training, and the development of life skills to thrive in society.
RB: How can readers get involved with your organization?
DD: Hopeful Arms Foundation is an on-the-move nonprofit; we have events monthly that serve single parents and the homeless. We are always looking for those interested in partnering with us through volunteering, sponsorship, or donations. The first step to getting involved with us is reaching out via email at or through visiting our website at
RB: What do you believe is the most important thing for readers to know about poverty & homelessness?
DD: The most important thing to know about poverty and homelessness is that poverty is a mindset. Like any other bad habit or mindset, it can be changed through guidance, coaching, and the will to want to see a change.
RB: You have a mission to Lebanon coming up. Can you talk about that?
DD: Yes, I love missions; it’s safe to say that’s my second love. We will be going into Lebanon to be a light and hope and to give love to those who are often forgotten.
RB:  What other events do you have on the horizon that readers might like to know about?
DD: Our upcoming event is our annual Prayer Brunch, Saturday October 6th 11am-1pm. At this event we come together and we celebrate the love we have for our Father. We also celebrate those individuals who have successfully completed our Rebirth Shelter Life and Rebirth Single Parent Life programs. For many of these women, this is a major accomplishment and we celebrate their diligence to want to break poverty cycles and generational curses off their family. We welcome all who’d like to attend!
RB: You’re obviously very busy as the CEO of a nonprofit organization. What do you do to keep a sense of balance in your life?
DD:  I’ve learned that it might be quite possible that we’ll never get a true handle on balancing this life thing, so I do my best to blend life. As a mom, CEO of Hopeful Arms Foundation, Software Engineer, and Doctorate degree student, there is no way I can balance the scales evenly, so I don’t even try. I just blend them and put my main priority, my daughter, in the center of it all.
RB: Do you have any advice for our readers?
DD: If I could leave you with any advice, it would be…”Run as hard as you can towards purpose, live life on purpose, find your thing that thing that God placed you here for and do it! When you leave this Earth, it’s the legacy people will remember, so make it a good one!”

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