Interview with Faith Banda of Zim Achievers USA

There are some phenomenal people who are doing phenomenal things, and the Zim Acheivers USA Award has been honoring them for the past three years. The Zim Acheivers USA award recognizes individuals in the USA who are role models from the Diaspora Zimbabwean community. Recently, Faith Banda, chair of the Zim Achievers Awards, took some time to answer questions about this annual celebration of greatness.

Ronda Bowen (RB): You have a big event coming up at the end of the month: Zim Achievers USA. Can you tell our readers about the event?

Faith Banda (FB): Yes we have our 3rd annual Awards Gala where we celebrate, honor and recognize inspirational role models in the fields of Business, Sport, Entertainment, Philanthropy and Popular Arts and Culture from the Diaspora Zimbabwean community in USA and starting this year extended to Canada. So those in North America

B: How did you get involved with Zim Achievers USA?

FB: I was invited to help in the organizing committee and saw how much of an impact went into recognizing talent and good done by Zimbabweans in North America. So when the opportunity came to bid for a license, I bid and got it.

RB: What are some of the categories for the awards? 

FB: We have 18 categories this year and to name a few, Media Personality of the Year, Professional of the Year, Female and Male entrepreneur of the Year and Community Champion of the Year.

RB: Can you talk a bit about some of the nominees for the awards? 

FB: Each year we pick a category that is a highlight of the year. This year we focus on youth empowerment. We will honor the Young Achievers of the Year, who will all be receiving their awards gala. These nominees are:

  1. Tariro Kandemiri – Co-founder & Software Engineer, Sewanee Eats, Avid Lacrosse player. best known as the official Lax Girl
  2. Ru Chibanda – 12-year-old Gymnast
  3. Nyasha Zimunhu – College Mentor
  4. 2 Bros. in the Kitchen – 2 brothers in one kitchen, taking on the baking industry
  5. Danielle Sebata – – Tennis Player

These young achievers face challenges and successes daily and are not always recognized. They are role models for their generation and we are truly proud of the work they are doing.

RB: What other projects do you have that you’re working on?

FB: We are working on starting Zim Achievers Canada.

RB: What causes are important to you? 

FB: I am in the healthcare field, specifically children. I am a strong advocate empowering children to be their best. I would like to see our children learn more of our culture, arts and language. I and some of my colleagues are developing a kid’s summer program where our children born here can learn different activities, such as music, art, sports and our language over the 3 months summer period. I would love for my 2 boys to visit home and can talk to my grandmother (their great grandmother) in Shona and can play in the streets the same games I played growing up with my friends.

RB: Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know about the Zim Achievers USA or another of your projects?

FB: I would like to emphasize that we do this Awards gala to celebrate us! It is never about the winner, but about recognizing the good in us and raising our flag high. It is time that we can unite and recognize what someone else is doing, and make it inspire us, if not our children and the future Zimbabwe generation in the Diaspora.

RB: You’re obviously very busy! What do you do to keep balance in your life?

FB: I take time to myself. I have realized that the amount I pour out for the things I love the most, is the same amount of time I need to put in loving me. I love to travel, so I travel a lot and use that time to pour back into me

RB: Do you have any words of advice for our readers?

FB: I will use the words of Winston Churchill, “To improve is to change; To be perfect is to change often”. Sure, it’s time to celebrate successes and learn from what went well. But when the gala is done, the celebration is over, and you head home, the question will be this: “how can we improve on this even more,” and then we can celebrate you at the Zimbabwe achievers Awards 2019.

You can get more information about the Zim Achievers Award on their website:

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