Interview with ShantaQuilette Carter of The Pink Peppermint Project

The Pink Peppermint Project helps patients diagnosed with breast cancer and their caregivers to be empowered and fight cancer. Founder and executive director, ShantaQuilette Carter and her amazing team work hard to ensure that every woman they work with feels beautiful and has her physical and emotional needs met. In addition, The Pink Peppermint Project provides valuable information to those served by this organization. Recently, I had the opportunity to ask this phenomenal woman some questions about herself and her organization.

Interview with ShantaQuilette Carter

Ronda Bowen (RB): Can you talk a bit about your background and what made you want to start a nonprofit foundation?

Aunt Ruby

ShantaQuilette Carter (SC): By trade, I have about 15 years of progressive experience in Finance and Accounting. By Truth and Passion, I created the brand Style Follows Her. My brand brings a touch of Style to your home, closet and event. With this platform I inspire, empower, and unite women to realize the confidence, uniqueness, and beauty of ourselves and the things we cherish most. I’ve always had the passion for empowering women through beauty. As a hair stylist, I knew the importance of making women feel and look good.  Losing my aunt and 2 friends in 2015 from Breast Cancer propelled me to create a platform where survivors and caregivers can feel the love and support from other women who have been down the same road. I started off by sending boxes to women all across the country filled with natural and toxin free beauty products, fashion accessories, reading material, and a hand written card expressing our love and concern for them. We want women to know they’re not alone. It’s important to know, we don’t walk alone. It’s important to know you can look and feel good  while conquering your deepest desires. I created a unique program that caters to the entire person, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

RB: Why The Pink Peppermint Project?

SC: My Aunt Ruby was a true gem. I watched the effects of breast cancer dissipate her joy, inner self-confidence and self-esteem. She was far from the unshakable, confident woman I once knew.  Though her spirit remained endearing, I knew something was missing.  I often think about the impact she had on my life and knew I wanted to create something greater than myself.  I vividly remember the mints she kept in her living room. They were pink and mint. Those peppermints made my sister and I so excited as well as her overwhelming presence.  We were always excited to see her and those peppermints each year as children; they were so endearing to our spirits.  It brought so much joy to our souls. This is how The Pink Peppermint Project was born.

RB: What is GLAMCON 2018?

SC: The road leading to and through breast cancer can be challenging , painful, and seem as if there is no progress in that fact. GLAMCON provides a platform for survivors to build bonds with persons they can share  their “me too” with. They can share their stories and be encouraged by stories from their peers to reinforce their not alone. GLAMCON provides a support system for Breast Cancer Survivors an helps them do life together. These are the essential ingredients to becoming a GLAMOROUS CONQUEROR. While providing transformational resources to women affected by and caring for those living with Breast Cancer, GLAMCON fills their day with invigorating rejuvenating and restorative resources that improve their quality of life. GLAMCON empowers women to accept the beauty, emotional health, and self-care tools and resources to reignite the belief, “Today I look and feel good.”

RB: How can readers get involved with it?

SC: Reader can get involved with GLAMCON by registering at or signing up for volunteer opportunities  a We plan to have beauty drives, Glam Retreats, and workshops throughout the year. Women can also #poutwithus in their favorite shade of pink to raise awareness and encourage women to be proactive in their breast health. #pinklipstickcampaign

RB: What’s the most important thing for our readers to know about The Pink Peppermint Project?

SC: We are unique in our services. We provide a practical and compassionate approach to their informational , physical needs through beauty and wellness and support services

RB: How can our readers get involved with The Pink Peppermint Project?

SC: Visit our website at to sign up for volunteer opportunities

RB: What are other causes you’re passionate about?

SC: Child sexual abuse, as a child who was a victim of a child predator, it is something that is near and dear to my soul. Domestic violence, although I have never experienced it, I have several friends who have, and I walk beside them in their journey to raise awareness and support those who have been impacted.

RB: You’re obviously very busy, what do you do to balance your life?

SC: Well, that’s a good question. This is something I had to reevaluate over the past few months after being hospitalized due to concerns with my heart. I realized that self-care is so important and the POWER to Say NO is not selfish. I have found ways to be sufficient in both worlds. The key for me was finding the right balance between my profession, organization, and family. You have to make sure that they all flourish. I no longer have the guilt of saying no to people. I have found ways to be efficient in both worlds, and have come to terms with choices and focus on priorities that are in the moment. My husband is very helpful, and I am grateful to have his support in my journey to build upon my legacy.  I use this app called BE FOCUSed, it allows me to be disciplined and set time limits when checking emails and making phone calls. Having valuable me-time is essential. I’ve realized if I’m cranky everyone gets the worst of me and that’s not conducive to anything.  Put you first and everything else will flow.

RB: What words of advice do you have for our readers?

SC: Walk in your purpose and things will manifest for you. Always remember, GOD will never instruct you to do something that he hasn’t already placed in you.  We all have tailor-made assignments, and it’s important that you align yourself with yours. Never compare yourself to others, because GOD’s plan for them has nothing to do with you.


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