Interview with Tiesha Vassar

Tiesha Vassar got her start in the beauty and fashion industry from a young age. She’s the force behind Emage Fashion and Beauty Television Network. She is passionate and driven, and she has worked hard to get where she is. Recently, I was able to ask her some questions about her network, fashion advice, and what she does to lead a balanced life. Here’s how that went.

Tiesha Vassar of Emage Fashion and Beauty Television Network

Ronda Bowen (R): How did you get started with your career in cosmetics, beauty, and fashion?

Tiesha Vassar (T): My journey started in the cosmetics, beauty, and fashion Industry at a very young age. I fell in love with models and the way that they were differentiated from everyone else, so I studied fashion thinking that it was the sole reason for their uniqueness. I later learned that it was makeup combined with fashion that attracted me to this incredible world. The fashion and beauty world served as an escape from growing up in the violence and poverty that I’d emerged from in Chicago.

R: What made you decide that you wanted to create an on demand television network?

T: It was a natural transition to get into the fashion and beauty media industry space for me. Years before I was presented with the opportunity to start an on demand fashion and beauty television network, I had this vision. The vision I had was a network dedicated to fashion. I used to look for shows such as The Style Network’s “The Look for Less”, Joan Rivers’ “Fashion Police”, and Tyra Banks’ “America’s Next top Model,” which I even auditioned for.

These are just a few examples that were available to watch on television that were fashion and beauty related, which were hard to find. I had a desire to create lifestyle-driven shows that would evolve around fashion and beauty because it has the power to uplift people everywhere. I am a firm believer that if you look good you feel good. Emage, “Where Image is Everything,” was born out of the love of the industry and a wish to represent a place for beauty professionals seen and unseen. These are the professionals behind a lot of the brands and celebrity icons we see. Majoring in Fashion Merchandising, working in Makeup Artistry, wardrobe styling in fashion shows, and collaborating with different markets, are the foundations for Emage.

R: What can our readers expect when they tune into Emage?

T: On Emage Fashion and Beauty Television Network, you can find your favorite fashion and beauty influencers. Emage will highlight the hottest designers, models, wedding planners, event planners, stylists, cosmetics, and skincare brands. It will also have emerging television lifestyle shows, fashion shows, and beauty industry trade shows that will display fashion and beauty culture. There will be beauty and barber professionals, talk shows, beauty awards shows, and reality shows for our television audiences. Broadcast affiliates that have quality content can access global visibility on our television network. Our partnerships include Samsung, Panasonic, Toshiba, LG, Sony, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Xbox, and PlayStation just to name a few. Our “clickable technology” feature will allow consumers to purchase products directly from the content providers who have apparel and products for sale.

R: How can readers learn more about your projects?

T: To become a broadcast affiliate or broadcast producer, you can register on our website and enter “Tiesha” as a sponsor. On our website, we have information on how to join our program, and become a subscriber of our network. For content providers, there are the following opportunities: broadcast your own television show to a global audience; sell your products and services directly to consumers; product placement, advertising, and an affiliate program; the ability to sell air time for all of our networks; and opportunities to host live streaming and Pay-Per-View events. Content providers’ shows are broadcasted on all Smart TVs, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and more.

R: What’s your favorite fashion tip?

T: My favorite fashion tip, is to take a piece and imagine it seven ways. Add a jacket, a belt, prints, scarfs, statement necklaces, boots, and layers to your pieces to achieve versatility. Versatility drives individuality and makes your look harder to replicate. I am all about originality. Everytime you change your look, a new you emerges. It’s leveled to the way you are presented, to be driven by a mood that achieves the way you desire to feel through different styles of fashion.

In our imagination lies the highest expression of our creativity; we just have to allow it to flourish.

R: What’s your favorite beauty tip?

T: My favorite beauty tip is to drench yourself in moisture. Hydration is the key to life. Our bodies are made up of primarily water so in order to have outer beauty you must nurture the inside of you first. Otherwise, you will age rapidly. Having experience as a makeup artist and touching thousands of faces, skin is the first thing as professionals that we notice. Being exposed to so many ingredients and skincare combinations, nothing topical can replace long-term nourishment.

R: For a lot of women, entrepreneurship is a dream. What advice do you have for them?

T: As an entrepreneur, the number one thing women will encounter is the need to choose entrepreneurship every single day. You cannot lose sight of the reason why you begin the journey in the first place to set out and accomplish a vision that is bigger than you. You have to detach from the “how” and immerse yourself in your talent and be led by your passion.

Have people who celebrate you, challenge you, and surround yourself with wise counsel. Obedience and humility will sustain your longevity.

R: What causes are important to you?

T: Helping the youth obtain a positive self-image through use of their talents. Mentoring people of all ages, to see their gifts. My mission is to help them realize their potential. Warren Buffett said to Dr Eric Thomas that,”Success does not have a year on it”.When you teach a person the root of why they should pursue the highest version of themselves, that propels them to action.  Giving from a consciousness of inclusion as a form of investment creates long-term solutions.

R: Obviously, you have a lot going on in your life. What kinds of things do you do to maintain a sense of balance in your life?

T: Being intentional about experience is what creates balance. If you intend a good outcome in all of your doing it will equal balance. Choosing the energy that I create puts me in harmony with my purpose. If there could ever come a day that people out-live materialism, out-live expectation, and above all rise to the highest level of potential, we will find our collective purpose in life. Is a gift to be liberated from the confines of this world and the opinions of others and how they feel you should be, act, walk, feel and experience life. No one has the right to define your journey or your purpose it is for you to define and for you to define it alone.

R: What piece of advice do you want to leave our readers with?

T: Put Yourself in other people shoes, treat them the way you would want to be treated. In our serving is the key to life. Everything that you touch will flourish if you decide to be great on purpose. Little things matter in this disconnected tech world, reverse that behavior by reaching out and touching the people. Give something away, it doesn’t always have to be money watch how it comes back to you in abundance.


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