Interview with Pete Persaud

Pete Persaud, KBDT radio host of Dr. Mirror: Healthcare Begins With You has accomplished a lot in his many years of experience in the medical profession. From serving in the military and attending the Respiratory Specialist Program to serving with Healthsouth Nursing & Rehabilitation in Arlington as a lead therapist, Pete Persaud has built a solid career over the years. Recently, we had the opportunity to ask Dr. Mirror some questions.

Interview with Pete Persaud, KBDT’s Dr. Mirror

Ronda Bowen (RB): What is your background and training in the medical field?

Pete Persaud (PP): After high school, I joined the Army. I received medic training in San Antonio, Texas. In 1978, I started the Respiratory Care Practitioner Specialist Program in  San Antonio at the Brooke Army Medical Center. I was assigned to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington D.C. in 1979. It was the best Medical Center in the world at that time. I then went through 2 years of intense internship that included patients from 24 weeks gestation preemies to 106 years old adults. That was 39 years ago, coincidentally, it was the same year I got married to my beautiful bride, Satee Persaud.

I have completed all aspects of patient care – educating, marketing, leadership, mentoring, serving as an advisory board member for colleges, you name it, I have done it in the medical field. I have started new programs in hospitals,  I have had my own medical business, Pete Persaud Enterprises. I help patients at home. I participate in charity work for the poor and sickly, and I am involved in lots of organizations centered around the respect for human life. After 40 years in the healthcare profession, at 61 years old, I have changed my profession to entertainment and will try to change the world for peace and safety of humans beings. I am only one person, but with the help of others who are passionate of the human life we can do it.

RB: How did you get involved with the radio show on KBDT?

PP: I started working in radio 4 years ago on 1160 KVCE; my program was called A Bridge to Care and Comfort. This was a program where I served as Executive Producer. It was a charity event to educate the elderly on hospice care, end of life care, and caring for the elderly. I utilized my own funds to run the program. The program consisted of professionals–including doctors, nurses, social workers, accountants, lawyers, chaplains, and therapists. The purpose was to educate the elderly from a layman’s point of view so that listeners can understand their rights. This program ran for 10 months; I ran out of funds. It was a very successful program.

Currently, I am on my second radio show. It’s on 1160 AM – station KBDT. The program is called, The Pete Persaud Radio Show. I will be heading Dr. Mirror: Healthcare Begins with You on every Saturday at 11:00 AM CST LIVE. Also, I am on AFRN with a podcast every Friday at 11:00 AM CST. This show is executive produced by me . It is a show geared toward helping people with their medical needs to prevent unneeded ER visits. There is a disclaimer at the beginning of my show that says the hosts of the show are not physicians. I do have a panel of 20 physicians for any advice I might need offline. I have guests on the show from all professions. I discuss topics from A to Z and also I interject my political views, with commentary on the boys and girls in Washington DC. My co-hosts are: Ty Burgess – business man, Brittany English -a host of another radio show, and Nassat Parveen, Miss Oregon 2018, who is also pursuing her PhD in Neuroscience at UT Dallas. The show is a success, and we will see what the future holds.

RB: For our readers, can you explain what the Dr. Mirror show on KBDT is about?

PP: It is about educating the public on all aspects of preventative medicine: “Healthcare Begins at Home,” “Look in the Mirror.” Hence “Dr Mirror Healthcare begins with You” Look in the mirror. What do you see? OK me I am obese, I need to lose weight, I do not need to go to the doctor and pay $$$ for them to tell me that, especially if you are a diabetic or have high blood pressure issues…get my drift..

RB: What piece of general advice do you have for those trying to make a decision about hospice care?

PP: This is an emotional subject. After 40 years of seeing people die in the hospital, I can say I have seen it all. I have seen lots and lots and the near death bedside. There is a misconception of Hospice Care, it is not where your love one is sent home to die!!! We are all gonna be DEAD someday, GOD will determine that.

In my opinion, Hospice care is this: It is Care and Comfort Measure Only. Keep the patient pain free prior to death. It is  the family’s decision to discharge their love one to hospice  I was the co-chair for the Ethics Committee in the hospital for many years and I have seen and heard a lot of family dynamic situations. So, my advice to family members on hospice care is, make sure you discuss all medical wishes before it becomes a crisis at the death bed of your love one with disagreement with siblings and mother or father. Discuss at early age what the family would like to have done in this life and death issue way beforehand, so that there will be no discussion at the end. But, remember, one family can change their mind at the time of your love one’s illness, and with his or her decision…As I mentioned, this is an emotional decision.

RB: What is the most important thing for readers to know about you and what you do?

PP:  “One Heart, Red Blood, One Love, One God, One World, One Human (RACE, HUMANITY). God created the World with beautiful things. He created the trees to give us oxygen so we can breathe He gave the trees life with our carbon dioxide, the air we breathe out. Mankind created beautiful things on earth and mankind is destroying the beautiful things they built.  Why????

Let’s just continue this beautiful life God gave us on earth, not kill each other as we are doing every day with wars and on the streets of the world. We are all human and one!!

Some stats: America became independent in 1776 from Britain. America has been fighting wars for 222 years since 1776. We have lost 1.3 millions American soldiers from 1776 to 2018.

Only 2 hostile invasions on American soil on December 7th 1941 Pearl Harbor and 9/11/2001.

The rest of the Battles are Overseas.  Go figure…I can go on and on!! Get the idea about me!!

RB: Do you have any piece of advice you’d like to leave our readers with?

PP:  “Strive for Perfection to Achieve Excellence.” No one is perfect,only God is. Perfection is 100% GOD!!  Excellence is 99.999999999999999….Get it!     Set goals every 5 years and try to achieve.   “Don’t chase money, let it chase you, Money is like a Cheeta, which runs very fast in Africa, you chase it you will get a heart attack and like me be a snail  slow, let $$$$$ chase you,  it will catch up to you…


Pick 2 and pay or reap the consequences

The 4 leaders I looked up to are:

  1. Martin Luther King – “I have a Dream.” I have a few dreams and a few have come through for me.
  2. President John F Kennedy – “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Too many hand outs in America.
  3. President Abraham Lincoln – “Freed the Slaves.”  In my opinion, slavery still continues in America. Four States are not paying the prisoners wages for working. Check the meaning “work with no pay” in my opinion “SLAVERY.”  This is our government.
  4. Mahatma Ghandhi – Gained independence for India from the British in the ‘40’s.

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