What is the Meaning of Equanimity?

Every so often, someone will ask about the meaning of “equanimity,” which makes good sense, as our magazine is Equanimity Magazine. Lumbie Mlambo, owner of Equanimity LLC had the following to share about Equanimity on the Oh So Cynthia blog earlier this year:

“My life was more clearly revealed during recovery from a stroke in 2001 that left me partially paralyzed,” says Mlambo. “I have since recovered, but I consider myself forever a stroke patient.” As a result of that experience, she started a lifestyle magazine in 2009 called Equanimity to share meaningful content for all. The goal, Mlambo say, “is to inspire, motivate, and empower people to thrive and not give up on their dreams but to realize that they have a potential to rise and be somebody and become productive in their communities.

“Equanimity means mental or emotional stability or composure; balance.” In 2013 she founded a non-profit organization with the sole purpose to provide charitable services to aid disadvantaged communities worldwide.” JB Dondolo Inc. is named after her father, JB Dondolo, and the non-profit promotes and develops projects that stimulate growth and improve people’s lives in low-income areas.

When we conduct interviews, you’ll notice that one of the last questions asked of the subject is, “What do you do to bring balance into your life?” This is a nod toward the magazine’s name and the underlying meaning of “equanimity.”

So now, I turn to you, what do you in your daily life to add a sense of equanimity, or balance? Share your thoughts in our comments.

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