3 Reasons Funny Videos Aren’t a Waste of Time

It’s been long thought that one of the biggest time drains out there is the “funny cat video.” If you want to waste time, they say, get pulled into watching funny videos on YouTube or in your Facebook feed. While funny videos can be a time drain if you don’t monitor yourself carefully, here are three reasons that funny videos are not a waste of time.

1. Watching funny videos gives you downtime

We’re busier than ever these days. By taking some time out to laugh, you’re really doing yourself a favor in the long run. It’s important to take breaks from working so that you can refresh your brain and be more productive. In fact, many productivity experts recommend the Pomodoro technique, which has you working 25 minutes and then taking a 5 minute break.

2. Laughter does good things for our bodies.

It’s good for us to laugh. Laughing alleviates stress, and goes a long way toward helping improve our immune systems and helping to alleviate pain. Just a little bit of laughter can also help pick up your mood and make you feel happier. What better reasons to watch a silly video are there than having improved physical and mental health?

3. Funny videos make us more social.

When you watch a funny video and then share it, you’re helping those around you to be happier, but you’re also creating a point of conversation for yourself and those around you. Go ahead, share those things that made you laugh, not only on social media, but through email or even by pulling the video up for a good friend who could use a laugh in your presence.

Go ahead, make us laugh.

What are your favorite funny videos? Do you like cat videos? Do you enjoy a particular Facebook Live stream? Share your favorites with us, and you might be mentioned in a future article rounding up some of the best funny videos we’ve seen.

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