How to Keep Up with Style Trends

Fashion can be a lot of fun, and keeping up with fashion trends is important, even if you’re not in the media or an instagram star. You don’t have to go all-out when looking to be on-trend. Instead, you can follow these tips to help you keep up with style trends.

Follow influential fashion bloggers and Instagram feeds

It used to be that you needed subscriptions to fashion magazines to know what was “on trend for a given season. Now, there are many talented fashion bloggers that you can follow, including bloggers who represent a lot of diversity when it comes to the fashion landscape. Start with a list of recommended fashion and style bloggers, and whittle your feed down to those who resonate most with your own style tastes.

Keep a “swipe” file of fashion inspiration

When you see outfits you like, you can pin them to Pinterest, or you can copy and paste them into a word processing document, OneNote notebook, or Evernote notebook. You can even do things the way I did them back when I was modeling and keeping a file of inspired looks for photo shoots and clip them and put them into folders based on occasions. Some people create a fashion notebook with images they like pasted into a spiral bound notebook.

Invest in quality, well-tailored basics

Nothing is more fashionable or flattering than clothing with a good fit. In fact, no matter what size you are, fit can make or break your outfit. Great fit is comfortable, clothing won’t wrinkle in awkward places, and you get a confidence boost. It’s better to have a few quality pieces that you’ve had tailored to fit your body than a closet filled with clothing that only sort of fits. Once you feel and see the difference, you won’t want to go back to the old way of doing things.

Consider on-trend accessories if you’re on a tight budget

I don’t have a big budget when it comes to fashion. When I want to add a style trend into my wardrobe, I will often do it with a scarf or purse. Sometimes I might go for a really cute top that I can use layered with other pieces in my wardrobe. When you have a closet with quality basics, adding a trend piece here and there can not only spruce up your wardrobe for a new season, but it can help keep you looking trendy without breaking your budget.

Shop around for trendy items

While your basics most definitely should be the best quality you can afford, you can shop around for your pieces that incorporate trends into your wardrobe. There’s one caveat to this: If you buy an item that is trendy that doesn’t fit you well, spend the little bit extra to have it tailored. Remember, when you’re looking to achieve that “put together” look, fit is everything.

What do you do to keep up with style trends?

Share your favorite tips in the comments.

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