4th Annual 10 Shades of Success Movement Celebrated Dallas’ Influential Women

The 10 Shades of Success Gala is an annual event organized by Karen Michelle and her new business partner, Cheryl Jackson. The organization created this platform to empower and recognize women who are change-makers in the community. The vision of 10 Shades of Success is to bring successful individuals together and honor their excellence as well as have the community come together for one common successful story – to celebrate diverse women.

On November 15, 2018, the “10 shades of success” movement celebrated four years of honoring women in the community. The event honored and united a diverse group of women who are successful and some who have overcome personal and professional obstacles. The women took time to pay a special tribute to one of the 2015 honorees, Erica Annise. She sadly has CRPS, a complex regional pain syndrome and neurological chronic pain disorder of the central and peripheral nervous system which affects the limbs in an agonizing way. The women wore red in support of Annise as she prepares for a life-altering treatment in Italy.


The event was hosted by philanthropists Cheryl Jackson and Anita Hawkins. The audience was entertained by American recording artist, producer, and actress Angie Stone and Gospel singer Tony Wade.

This year’s empowerment message was delivered by Dr. Catrina Pullum, a visionary, speaker, author, philanthropist, and a 2016 Shades of Success honoree.

10 Shades of Success Awards Recipients

The 10 Shades of Success women who received awards were:

  • Verna Jones,
  • Annia Jenkins,
  • Quynh Chau Stone,
  • Shantaquilette Deville Carter Williams,
  • Shawn Wills,
  • Noella Kabongo,
  • Felicia Guimont,
  • Lakendra Smalley,
  • A’Mera Frieman, and
  • Dr. Jatun Dorsey.


A new category of Trailblazers was added to the list. The Trailblazers awarded were Laila Muhammad, Tina Loyd, Delisa Rose, and Yvonne Crum.

Interview with Karen Michelle

We followed up with Karen Michelle after the event to find out her thoughts on the event. This is how she answered our questions:

1) What would you say was special about the Shades of Success Gala 2018? 

What was special about this year was how Cheryl came in to partner with another woman. Women supporting women movement shined a brighter light on 10 shades of success

2) Were you pleased with the outcome? 

It touched my soul to see so many people come out to support their loved ones, friends, sister, mother, daughter, aunt’s, and a young girl from South Dallas that believed in her dreams.

3) Have you picked a date for the 2019 gala? 

Cheryl and I are in the planning stages for 2019, but the fall seems it could be a possibility in the future.

4) Do you have any regrets? If not, what are you most thankful about?

I regret holding back for so long. I can honestly say I trusted no one with my vision until I received that call one morning after a serve mental meltdown from Cheryl “Action” Jackson. She asked me how I was doing and at that I felt confound to tell her I was struggling to keep 10 shades of success thriving. Cheryl then told me, that I will have to trust her and I told her I do because at that very moment I knew she was God sent. I’m thankful for my rights, wrongs, mistakes, and my achievements in life. I’ve learned a lot and still learning!

The Shades of Success’ mission is to become one of the leading influential organization that will influence and empower young girls to be successful.

The next 10 Shades of Success gala already promises to be bigger as it marks   year. Who are the next Shades of Success? Stay connected with Karen Michelle at info@fhmpr.com or visit us at www.10shadesofsuccess.org.


Other links:

Angie Stone – Happy Being Me – https://youtu.be/5Wc-CaUUqoE

Tony Wade – Journey – https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/tonywade12


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