Interview with Chef Brenda Johnson of La Buona Cucina Catering & Bistro

IMG_20181123_223324_845For over a decade, Chef Brenda Johnson, of La Buona Cucina Catering and Bistro, has been serving up delicious food to her clients. Recently, we had an opportunity to talk with Chef Brenda about her current and future projects. Here’s what she had to say. If you’re in the Dallas area, check out her pop-up restaurant, happening Saturday, December 8th. (Further information is below).

Interview with Chef Brenda Johnson

Ronda Bowen (RB): You started your business, La Buona Cucina Catering in 2008. What lead to you starting your own business?
Chef Brenda Johnson (CBJ): I started my business with the passion I had for cooking all types of cuisines, but especially Italian cuisine. I wanted to bring  my clients food prepared from scratch with freshest ingredients, and along with that, great customer service.  
RB: In the ten years you’ve been running your catering company, what are some of the greatest moments you’ve had?
CBJ: The greatest moments I had was when rebranding my company name, in changing it to La Buona Cucina Bistro, which will feature some great Italian cuisine. Another is being able to provide personal and private chef services to my clients. And most recently, it has been catering for private jetliners.
RB: What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your career as a business owner?
CBJ: The biggest challenges I’ve had as a chef and Business owner is being able to  balance work and family time. In this industry there’s always someone that needs my services, and I’m always on the go.

RB: What events do you have coming up that you’d like our readers to know about?

CBJ: Im having my first one-day pop up restaurant, where I will present a three-course Italian cuisine meal on the 8th of Dec 2018 from 6pm to 9pm at Kauwuane Burton Studio,

9108 Chancellor Row Studio B, Dallas, Texas 75247.
RB: What charities or causes do you support?
CBJ: I support J.B. Dondolo, by the way 10% of the sales from the pop up will go toward this great charity.
RB: What do you do to ensure that you have a sense of balance in your life?

CBJ: Going to church, and i pray a lot, especially now.  But seriously, having that closeness with God and my family gives me that balance that i have today.


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