Madam Boss Comes to America

Madam Boss, Tyra Chikocho, is an entertainer. She is a comedian, an actress, an MC, a gospel artist, and a songwriter. She also has a new line of beauty products. Recently, we had the opportunity to catch up with Madam Boss and ask her a few questions. Here’s what she had to say.

Interview with Madam Boss, Tyra Chikocho

What do you love about Zimbabwe?

Its home. You know home is where the heart is. Regardless of what people say or what you hear, Zimbabwe is peaceful. Zimbabweans are by nature loving people. I like that we respect our culture and we respect the elderly and family structure. We have a lot of very educated and talented people in Zimbabwe. Not to mention how wealthy some people are.

What keeps you up at night?

My family. Especially now since I’ve been away for one month. I think about my family a lot. That’s the number one thing that keeps me up all night. Then, social media and those negative comments…. Not everyone loves Madam Boss you know. I get attacked by people on social media for being an entertainer. By the way, I pay attention to what people say about me and it bothers me. I ask myself, “why?” All I’m doing is entertaining people but I get a backlash. It’s amazing how people react to things said on social media. I’m just doing what I love – entertaining! I’m just having a voice like anybody else out there.

Who is your role model?

I used to have many role models. But, I’m happy to tell you that I Danai Gurira – Black Panther’s Actress – and film producer Tyler Perry are my role models. Danai is a big inspiration to me. She has really lifted Zimbabwe by storm. I wouldn’t be surprised if she makes the Guinness World Records. She is making history and I’m so proud of her.

Tell our readers about your beauty product and when it will be in stores.

My beauty products are already in the USA. I’m just waiting for a few things to be in place before I make the announcement. There are so many things that go with launching a product.  I’m very excited about launching my own beauty product. I’ve come a long way to be where I am. This serves as a constant remind of how much I’ve grown and changed and all because God looks after me and shows me the path to take. I’m very grateful to those who have helped me along the way. Thank you is not enough. I can’t wait to announce the launch date. It just won’t be right now because as I mentioned, there is a lot that goes into launching a product.

You are a very busy person. How do you juggle work-life-balance and stay sane?

When God gives you something, He knows you will be able to do it; He prepares you for the journey. I think when I set my mind to do something, I have no choice but to plan and prepare. I have a husband and a daughter. And I have a job. So, what does it take to make all this work? What do I have to do to make sure I spend time with my husband and daughter and still be a mother and wife and an entertainer without losing my mind? I think once you have a plan and work it, everything falls in place. Is it perfect? No, not always, but I try my best to stay focused.

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