Jay Veal of INC Tutoring Helps Students Excel

Jay Veal is a busy man. He founded INC Tutoring, and is a co-founder of a beauty education brand . In addition to all of that, he is a brand ambassador for Express, runs a Facebook group to help consumers develop financial literacy, and serves as a contributor to Black Enterprise magazine. Recently, Jay had a few minutes and was able to answer a few questions for us – and we’re glad he did!

Interview with INC Tutoring’s Jay Veal

Ronda Bowen (RB): How did you come to found INC Tutoring? What inspired you to start the company?

Jay Veal (JV): My background is in IT and Tech. I have worked at Microsoft Corp, Baylor Healthcare IT and other telecom orgs. However, one day while working in Healthcare IT, I decided to change career paths and go into education after going to an education informational session on teaching.  I thought to myself, “No, this pathway isn’t for me.” But, I listened and actually liked it.

Subsequently, I started my first year of teaching at Townview SEM and did very well. In the course of 3.5 more years, I taught all high school math at every level of regular, Pre AP, and AP from Algebra 1 to AP Calculus. From there, I became a Campus Math Instructional Coach in Dallas ISD then a District Level STEM Instructional Coach in Desoto. Lastly, I became an Adjunct Professor at the University Level for Mathematics. During the time of my education pathway, I found that DFW was missing the element in private tutoring that minority students could be successful with which would include a holistic and private approach. So, I launched INC Tutoring mid 2013. INC Tutoring was the solution to this problem for DFW and other cities and now hundreds of minority students are moving from failing to earning As and Bs, building confidence and performing when they believed they couldn’t before.

We are now the TOPAA owned private, prescriptive tutoring company in DFW and the Southern US with consultants in Dallas, Frisco, Austin, Washington D.C., Upstate NY, and Chicago. In addition, we tutor students from 5 years old to Doctorate level in all STEM Subjects, Test Preps, Reading, Writing, and Foreign Languages. Our mission is to provide a world-class educational experience that is holistically driven to increase and retain knowledge while utilizing a one-on-one CUSTOM tutoring session that is fun, yet effective. 

 INC Tutoring assists students in reaching their highest potential and mentors them to success while providing full support. The inspiration definitely comes from students not getting the tutoring that they need at the appropriate level from a top notch team of tutors who look like them and are closer to their age brackets as mostly millennial.  By providing a custom prescriptive, holistic tutoring experience coupled with mentoring INC is curing the education crisis one student at a time. This is a formula that no one is using in tutoring and we have found the sweet spot of success with our method that keeps the city talking about our organization.  Currently, we have been featured/highlighted in 45 media outlets.   

RB: Who is best-served by your services? What is your mission?

JV: The people who are best served by our services are those who need tutoring for any STEM subject, test prep, or English, Reading, Writing, or Foreign Language content area. We tutor students from 5 years old to the Doctorate level either in person, at a location of choice, or virtually online. Our mission is to provide a world-class educational experience that is holistically driven to increase and retain knowledge while utilizing a one-on-one CUSTOM tutoring session that is fun, yet effective. At INC Tutoring, we assist students in reaching their highest potential and mentor them to success while providing full support.  

RB: How does one become involved with INC Tutoring?

JV: If a client would like to book a session with INC Tutoring, they should visit http://bit.ly/INCTutoring or view information athttps://linktr.ee/INCTutoring We offer FREE consultations. If a person wants to work for INC Tutoring, they should send their resume to info@inctutoring.com  Our social medias fall under @INCTutoring on most platforms.

RB: Can you tell our readers about your other project, INC Beauty?

JV: I am the Chief Education Officer for Dallas’ newest Beauty Education brand, INC Beauty where they provide a seamless and world-class cosmetic and esthetics education experience that blends lifestyle and beauty effortlessly while revealing confidence and character. INC Beauty maintains an innovative professional brand while striving to delight every client as part of their core values of Passion, Innovation, Excellence and Creativity. INC Beauty was created to give clients an inside look at what LIFESTYLE + BEAUTY looks like. INC Beauty takes pride in maintaining an innovative professional brand while delighting your clients as our baseline core value. We are committed to developing a relatable brand for the everyday woman while educating her on what to do with her skin, how to do it, and why she needs to do it. This is how we set ourselves a cut above the rest. Makeup to match your lifestyle and education to keep you informed is a seamless blend of what INC Beauty has mastered. INC Beauty caters to young ladies, millennials, seasoned ladies, professional women, and everyone in between. The four programs the brand will focus on is Revive and Renew for our seasoned aged women, Special Events and Education for Clients and MUAs, Featured Resource Blogs, and 1-on-1 Beauty Education lessons.

RB: What causes are most important to you?

JV: The causes that are important to me are always education-related, meaning that I am all for equitable education for all who want to learn. I would like students to have a great opportunity to earn the highest GPAs possible with only As and Bs. However, I also am about diversity and inclusion so we can push equity via the gender gaps that we currently have in society with jobs and pay. Third, I also believe solving the issue of food deserts is a growing problem within Dallas and the United States as a whole. Lastly, I am a big proponent of Financial Literacy, so much to the point that I started a FB group called The Jay Veal Brand Credit and Financial Literacy group to address tips and tricks of Credit and things to do in order to earn an 800 and above credit score, which we all need in this world.  All readers NEED to be in the group.  

RB: You’re obviously quite busy. What do you do to bring balance into your life?

JV: Bringing balance into my life is quite hard when you manage working with 3 brands, are a Brand Ambassador of Express, and Contributing Writer for Black Enterprise. I try to fit in a personal and social life in there at times. However, I do get to travel so that is one outlet. Attending networking events brings more balance to associate and connect with great people. Working out and running also are parts of my life that will be near and dear for 2019.  As an entrepreneur, there is minimal rest, but it is needed. As a true entrepreneur and founder, one should eat, sleep, and drink their business. Figure out the “why” of what you do and follow your passion. In between all of that comes personal life and relationships. Everyone has their vice and different choices for balance.

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