Meet Austin Perine: The Superhero Kid

He’s been named one of CNN’s most influential people of 2018. He recently won the Vulcan Park Foundation 2018 “Spear Award.” He’s only 5 years old.

Austin Perine, a superhero kid working against homelessness and hunger, has been showing people how to love for a while now-since he was 4, in fact. He wears a red cape and goes around town handing out Burger King chicken sandwiches to the homeless saying, “Don’t forget to show love!”

Austin, or “President Austin,” as he’s known to his fans, has done a lot in Birmingham to show that even little kids can be superheroes. He earned his moniker because he believes that what he’s doing is exactly what a president is supposed to do.

President Austin was inspired to help those who were hungry and homeless after his father explained to him what it meant to be homeless. He spends his monthly allowance on food and drink for those who are homeless. His father was inspired to start a non-profit to support these efforts, and that nonprofit is Show Love INC.

So far, he and his father have raised over $88,000 dollars on their GoFundMe, and they are just $500 short of their most recent goal on the platform.

In May of last year, President Austin donated the first $1000 toward a new homeless shelter, working with Mayor Randall Woodfin.

The Vulcan Park Foundation 2018 “Spear Award” is an award presented to those who are working hard to make a difference for a better Birmingham. Austin Perine hasn’t stopped with his own city, though. He is now traveling to make a difference in many cities – San Juan, Detroit, and thirteen other cities.

It wasn’t long before the nation took notice of President Austin’s big heart. He was honored, most recently, by CNN as one of the five most inspirational people of 2018. We have no doubt that as President Austin grows that he will continue to inspire others and share his message of hope and love.

To keep updated on what this phenomenal child is doing, you can follow his website, President Austin. You can also follow him on Twitter @presidentperine, Facebook @presidentperine, and Instagram @presidentaustinshowlove. You can donate to his efforts via his GoFundMe page.

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