Igusi Hospital Hope Update

Thanks to the generous donations of many, J.B. Dondolo, Inc. was able to install a new filtration system at the clinic in Igusi, Zimbabwe. Through two fundraisers through the CaringCrowd platform, enough was raised to install the filters, connect the filters through a new pipeline, and retest the water. That’s not all, enough was raised to procure new toilets and sinks to replace the dry ones at the clinic.

The Igusi Hospital Project

The Igusi Hospital Project, also known as “Hospital Hope,” is in a rural area of Zimbabwe, Africa. Igusi is a clinic that is run like a hospital. JB Dondolo began renovations for the project, but passed away before he could finish. J.B. Dondolo, Inc. has picked up the project starting with providing clean water to the hospital, which is desperately in need of basic necessities. A summary of the phases can be found on the JB Dondolo website, and this video explains more about the need for clean water at Igusi.

The Two Fundraisers

The two fundraisers were a success. “Provide People With a Clean Water Filtration System in Igusi” was 101% funded, exceeding its $8,000 goal by $10. “Get and Install Toilets for Igusi’s Medical Clinic” was 103% funded in 4 days. thanks to the generous contributions of:

  • Michele Wright,
  • Juliana Morga,
  • Otis Ellis,
  • Lumbie Mlambo,
  • Sandra Bracey,
  • Demira Devoil,
  • Montez Jones,
  • Elizabeth Savage,
  • Renee Bennett,
  • JB Mlambo,
  • Tammy Chandler,
  • John Brennick,
  • Patricia Ellis,
  • Florence Collins,
  • Tendai Mushambi,
  • James McKean,
  • Nova Kopp,
  • O. Jeter,
  • Kendyll Locke,
  • Ratidzai Rioga,
  • Pete Persaud,
  • Beatrice Davis,
  • Sinikiwe Mulamba,
  • 2 Bros in the Kitchen,
  • Emily Blue,
  • ShantaQuilette Develle,
  • Sam Mlambo,
  • Ronda Bowen,
  • Sarah Dibi,
  • Faith Oliver,
  • Stephanie Kirkpatrick,
  • Leigh Davis,
  • Barbara Adelglass,
  • Yu-Ning Wong,
  • Florence Collins,
  • Marc Engelen, and
  • Burke Tran.

Thank you to those who donated who made progress on this important humanitarian project possible. Here are all the photos demonstrating the installation of the filtration system.

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