Interview with JustUs® Founder, Stacy Killian

Sometimes horrific things happen, and people do overcome those things. JustUs® Love Corporation founder, Stacy Killian, is one such person. After coming to terms with being a survivor of sexual abuse, she went on to found this amazing company that helps inspire other survivors and bring awareness to sexual abuse suppression.

Recently, I had the opportunity to ask Stacy a few questions, and here’s how she responded.

Ronda Bowen (RB): You founded the Justus® Love Corporation. Can you talk about what prompted you to start this amazing company?

Stacy Killian (SK): The Justus® Love Corporation developed its structure more than twenty years ago, after I admitted to a counselor I was sexually abused when I was nine years old. As a survivor of sexual abuse myself, I began journaling after those counseling visits and wrote about the following: Compassion, the Spirit, Happiness, Forgiveness, Perseverance, Words, Integrity, Humility, Courage and Confidence. These character commitments found in my first book, Be Beautiful Being You, led to the release of my second book, The Ten Character Commitments. As a hairstylist for more than 27 years, people often open up and share their greatest struggles in life. I commonly found over the years that they too were hiding from a childhood episode(s) of sexual abuse and trusted me enough to share their story.

I believe my pain is my purpose and do not think my past is in vain.  Hoping to give survivors and victims (those still suppressing) a voice, I built the website as a tool for others to use to help them cope with the struggles of being sexually abused.   You can’t heal what you don’t speak and while I openly use my story as a platform to connect other informative, inspirational individuals who are survivors’ of sexual abuse,  the main purpose in the website is to offer resources, referrals, and inspirational stories of like-minded people for those still hiding from sexual abuse. On average, our website currently has 700-1000 hits a month and is serving its mission.  Every survivor’s story we produce, including survivors’ letters, blogs, press releases, and merchandise we provide on our website, sends forth a message of empowerment! We create what we have survived, and whether we are using pictures, adventure, inspiration, and even a laugh or two, it’s never a waste of time when pitching our concept to people. “Survivors are thrivers,” and they are strong, confident leaders.

The JustUS® philosophy is and will always be “Our Words Give Life!” 

RB: Can you tell our readers about Justus®? How can those interested get involved with your company?

SK: The company’s sole-purpose here on Earth is to unite “Informative, Inspirational Individuals” with lifestyle and leadership goals. The Justus Love corporation has evolved into a leading visual concept whose approach is to help adults who were once victims of sexual abuse- take ownership of their past.

The company was created for television and internet, the first and only of its kind, also known as the brand; JustUS® it is the “infotainment” headquarter for sexual abuse inspiration. Most of our survivors are counselors, therapists, authors, teachers, volunteers, and businessmen and women leaders in their communities. And, even though sexual abuse can be defined in various terms such as sexual assault, rape, molestation, sex trafficking, or any other negative sexual insinuation you can conceive of, the synopsis of these stories is not bound to the difference in these categories. We believe that anyone at any given moment, through watching one of our survivors’ stories, could have that “aha” moment and discover their own truth through the stories that’s offered.

Currently, the company is looking for investors with the sole-purpose of building a brand for sexual abuse survivors on a global level.

We believe God is doing His greatest work yet. There are currently 42 million children who are Survivors of sexual abuse in the United States. That’s 42 million children who were once victims of sexual abuse protected by government agencies and programs designed to help them.

In the past, we did not have this protection offered, or we did not choose it, or perhaps we were silent because we did not talk about sex at all.

Nonprofit organizations, churches, individuals, and our government on local, city, and state levels joined together to make a stand when it came to protecting our children from sexual abuse, and The Justus® Love Corporation supports all of this.

However, we create platforms for adult survivors of sexual abuse to speak out. We are designed to bring together millions of (adult) survivors who stayed silent, and allow them to openly discuss their past in an informative, inspirational way.

We ask everyone who visits our website share with another person the JustUS® brand.  Whether you are a victim, survivor, friend,or fan visiting our website, please unite with – JustUS®.

RB: What are some of the biggest red flags that women can watch for in preventing sexual abuse?

SK: I am not a counselor and I do not have a Phd, so I’d rather tell you what I do know about thriving and surviving sexual abuse and what a person can do to strengthen their confidence and relationships with other people so they are no long victimized.

We do share with our supporters the following; how to be a THRIVER of sexual abuse.

  • Find strength in your adversity.
  • Pledge accountability and become an advocate against sexual abuse, so you will share your story when given the opportunity to inspire someone else.
  • Arm yourself with good information.Get support and maintain a direct line of communication with someone you trust.
  • Know your enemy, and stay away from that person!
  • Create a magic mirror or vision board, and write words of affirmation on it for you to appreciate about yourself … every day.
  • Pray with thanksgiving.
  • Always talk positive about yourself and others.
  • Avoid reacting like a victim.
  • Laugh, laugh, and laugh some more.
  • Expect greatness.
  • Always have a copy of our pocket-sized devotional Be Beautiful Being You nearby. It serves as a quick reference when you need to take a breather.

RB: What do you do to balance your life?

SK: All of the things listed above and I follow the Ten Character Commitments still to this day, I wrote about in those journals so long ago. I firmly believe in treating others the way I would want to be treated. Other than that, I listen to a lot of Tony Robbins advice when it comes to being an entrepreneur and building the brand JustUS®, at least twice a week I watch Pastor Steven Furtick’s sermons online and connect to Scriptures and advice concerning the Word of God, and I am inspired by the sexual abuse story of thriver, Joyce Meyers, and trust the godly wisdom she shares with us concerning self-improvement and how to treat other people.

RB: Do you have any other words of advice or things you would like to share with our readers?

SK:  My best piece of advice -” be a living example of love because no one can make a difference in the life of someone else unless they are kind to everyone they meet.

“Taking control over your life starts with an honest assessment of who you are. You don’t need to be perfect, but you have to be real. Then you focus on the here and now, and how you interact with people. To accomplish that, it is really helpful to have an explicit philosophy on conducting your life. My hope is that The Ten Character Commitments serves as a blueprint to help motivate people to move forward in a positive direction.”

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