Interview with Author Angie Ransome-Jones

One of the 2019 Honorees at the 4th Annual Equanimity Awards Gala, happening in October, is Angie Ransome-Jones. She is best known for her bestseller, Path to Peace: A Guide to Managing Life After Losing a Loved One, published in 2015. She offers ghostwriting services and mentoring. In fact, she is being recognized for her hard work mentoring others at our awards gala. I’m honored to have been able to have her answer a few questions for our readers.

Interview with Angie Ransome-Jones

Ronda Bowen (RB): You’re a ghostwriter in addition to being the author of your own book, Path to Peace: A Guide to Managing Life After Losing a Loved One. Can you talk a bit about what prompted you to write your own book to help others in their grief journey?

Angie Ransome-Jones (ARJ): I was inspired to write my book after the sudden loss of my father in 2013. During the process of grieving his passing, I gained so many learnings on everything from the importance of therapy to the importance of preparing our families for the inevitable i.e. death. I had no idea the book would take off and become a best-seller the way it did when I self-published, but I am extremely grateful because it has helped to open up dialogue within our families and communities about a subject that makes most of us uncomfortable. In the book, I share my experience from beginning to end — from making the “first phone call” to my experience in settling my father’s financial affairs and finally to my grieving process. As a spin-off from my book, I also host workshops (Life & Legacy Planning) in which I employ subject-matter experts — from estate attorneys to life and pre-need insurance experts and even grief counselors to educate on preparation.

RB: How did you get started with your ghostwriting and mentoring services?

ARJ: Some would call it an accident, but I know it was God’s divine purpose for my life to help others who do not have the “gift” I was blessed with, to tell their stories in writing. Nearly two years ago, I was approached by one of my sorority sisters about helping her brother with his book. At the time, I was working on my 2nd book, but stopped work on it because his story was so compelling and inspiring, that it was worth the sacrifice of delaying my own book. Two years later, I have completed four additional book projects “for hire” by either writing them, editing or consulting on them and am on track to complete five more, including 2 anthologies by year-end. My entire 2020 will be devoted to writing and releasing the book I started. My newfound passion is helping and mentoring future authors who have stories within them, to help “birth” and tell their stories through the written word.   

RB: What has been the most rewarding mentorship experience you’ve had?

ARJ: I would have to say that my experience mentoring PK Williams into his destiny as an author has by far been my most rewarding. To hear his story as one of the “Carter Six” as featured on the 30-for-30 ESPN documentary (What Carter Lost) and work with him on reliving his experience, as well as conveying his lessons learned, was life changing for me. Since publishing his book, PK has changed the lives of those who have not only read his book, but that have also heard him speak on it. I am proud to have played a part in that and am thankful that he trusted me to write his story with full transparency and dignity.

RB: What causes are important to you?

ARJ: Wow, great question. I have so many causes that are important to me. I have a heart for helping the elderly as well as mentoring our youth. I volunteer monthly with the Visiting Nurses Association (VNA) and have been for over a decade, delivering Meals on Wheels. In addition, I regularly mentor undergraduate college women at the University of North Texas (UNT) and wherever I am needed. To me, mentorship truly matters and it’s all about paying it forward to whomever — the elderly, women, children, new authors — needs my help!

RB: What do you do to balance your life?

ARJ: Another great question! I can tell you, it has not been easy but I derive my guidance, discernment and strength from God to be able to do everything in this life that he has blessed me to do. This past year in particular has been a very trying and telling year for me in the sense that I have truly tightened my circle and re-shifted my focus. I have learned to be very intentional about the activities, events and projects I take on as well as the people I allow into my space. This allows me to prioritize appropriately and ensure that I am only lending my time to those things that matter — at the top of my list are my God, my family and myself — it’s not a cliché, self-care is important!

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