These Brothers Want You to Know That It’s Okay to Make Mistakes

When we first interviewed Two Bros. in the Kitchen, they were excited about their cake and cupcake baking business. It’s been just over a year since we first interviewed them and wrote about them on the blog, and 12-year-old-Nigel and 13-year-old-Shane are still running their own business.

These phenomenal young men have donated hundreds of meals to the homeless, supported Fort Bend Cares, and have been helping JB Dondolo with their efforts to renovate Hospital Hope in Igusi, Zimbabwe. Recently, ABC News picked up their story as did Essence Magazine.

These boys aren’t just exceptional for their baking business and young foray into entrepreneurship. They’re also attending college. Shane is taking math and engineering courses as an 8th grader and Nigel is taking pre-calculus at a local community college as a 7th grader.

The 2 Bros. in the Kitchen just published their first book – Beyond the Kitchen: How to Cook Up Success with Life’s Mistakes, and I was happy to pre-order a copy of it. The young teens wrote the book to inspire other kids to make a run for their dreams. Currently, for every copy of the book sold, the boys are donating $1.00 to the JB Dondolo Foundation.

About Beyond the Kitchen: How to Cook up Success with Life’s Mistakes

A lot of people give up before they even begin because they’re afraid to fail. The thing is, everyone makes mistakes, and it’s normal to make them. In fact, it’s learning from those mistakes that helps us to become successful. That is the idea that Nigel and Shane are trying to get across in their first book.

Their book is filled with anecdotes and life lessons they’ve picked up along the way. Each chapter ends with thoughts like: “Some opportunities knock on your door once in a lifetime. Be ready when the knock comes,” (12) and “Lack of communication reduces morale and efficiency.” (p. 36)

Beyond the Kitchen is a great book to remind us all that mistakes are a normal part of learning & growing, but specifically to help kids who want to carve out their own paths to success do so.

Get your copy of Beyond the Kitchen:

Find out more information about Shane and Nigel, and order a copy of the brothers’ book today by visiting their website. Remember, these teens are currently donating $1.00 of every book sold to the JB Dondolo Foundation.

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