Igusi Hospital Hope Update

Thanks to the generous donations of many, J.B. Dondolo, Inc. was able to install a new filtration system at the clinic in Igusi, Zimbabwe. Through two fundraisers through the CaringCrowd platform, enough was raised to install the filters, connect the filters through a new pipeline, and retest the water. That’s not all, enough was raised to procure new toilets and sinks to replace the dry ones at the clinic.

The Igusi Hospital Project

The Igusi Hospital Project, also known as “Hospital Hope,” is in a rural area of Zimbabwe, Africa. Igusi is a clinic that is run like a hospital. JB Dondolo began renovations for the project, but passed away before he could finish. J.B. Dondolo, Inc. has picked up the project starting with providing clean water to the hospital, which is desperately in need of basic necessities. A summary of the phases can be found on the JB Dondolo website, and this video explains more about the need for clean water at Igusi.

The Two Fundraisers

The two fundraisers were a success. “Provide People With a Clean Water Filtration System in Igusi” was 101% funded, exceeding its $8,000 goal by $10. “Get and Install Toilets for Igusi’s Medical Clinic” was 103% funded in 4 days. thanks to the generous contributions of:

  • Michele Wright,
  • Juliana Morga,
  • Otis Ellis,
  • Lumbie Mlambo,
  • Sandra Bracey,
  • Demira Devoil,
  • Montez Jones,
  • Elizabeth Savage,
  • Renee Bennett,
  • JB Mlambo,
  • Tammy Chandler,
  • John Brennick,
  • Patricia Ellis,
  • Florence Collins,
  • Tendai Mushambi,
  • James McKean,
  • Nova Kopp,
  • O. Jeter,
  • Kendyll Locke,
  • Ratidzai Rioga,
  • Pete Persaud,
  • Beatrice Davis,
  • Sinikiwe Mulamba,
  • 2 Bros in the Kitchen,
  • Emily Blue,
  • ShantaQuilette Develle,
  • Sam Mlambo,
  • Ronda Bowen,
  • Sarah Dibi,
  • Faith Oliver,
  • Stephanie Kirkpatrick,
  • Leigh Davis,
  • Barbara Adelglass,
  • Yu-Ning Wong,
  • Florence Collins,
  • Marc Engelen, and
  • Burke Tran.

Thank you to those who donated who made progress on this important humanitarian project possible. Here are all the photos demonstrating the installation of the filtration system.

Interview with ShantaQuilette Carter of The Pink Peppermint Project

The Pink Peppermint Project helps patients diagnosed with breast cancer and their caregivers to be empowered and fight cancer. Founder and executive director, ShantaQuilette Carter and her amazing team work hard to ensure that every woman they work with feels beautiful and has her physical and emotional needs met. In addition, The Pink Peppermint Project provides valuable information to those served by this organization. Recently, I had the opportunity to ask this phenomenal woman some questions about herself and her organization.

Interview with ShantaQuilette Carter

Ronda Bowen (RB): Can you talk a bit about your background and what made you want to start a nonprofit foundation?

Aunt Ruby

ShantaQuilette Carter (SC): By trade, I have about 15 years of progressive experience in Finance and Accounting. By Truth and Passion, I created the brand Style Follows Her. My brand brings a touch of Style to your home, closet and event. With this platform I inspire, empower, and unite women to realize the confidence, uniqueness, and beauty of ourselves and the things we cherish most. I’ve always had the passion for empowering women through beauty. As a hair stylist, I knew the importance of making women feel and look good.  Losing my aunt and 2 friends in 2015 from Breast Cancer propelled me to create a platform where survivors and caregivers can feel the love and support from other women who have been down the same road. I started off by sending boxes to women all across the country filled with natural and toxin free beauty products, fashion accessories, reading material, and a hand written card expressing our love and concern for them. We want women to know they’re not alone. It’s important to know, we don’t walk alone. It’s important to know you can look and feel good  while conquering your deepest desires. I created a unique program that caters to the entire person, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

RB: Why The Pink Peppermint Project?

SC: My Aunt Ruby was a true gem. I watched the effects of breast cancer dissipate her joy, inner self-confidence and self-esteem. She was far from the unshakable, confident woman I once knew.  Though her spirit remained endearing, I knew something was missing.  I often think about the impact she had on my life and knew I wanted to create something greater than myself.  I vividly remember the mints she kept in her living room. They were pink and mint. Those peppermints made my sister and I so excited as well as her overwhelming presence.  We were always excited to see her and those peppermints each year as children; they were so endearing to our spirits.  It brought so much joy to our souls. This is how The Pink Peppermint Project was born.

RB: What is GLAMCON 2018?

SC: The road leading to and through breast cancer can be challenging , painful, and seem as if there is no progress in that fact. GLAMCON provides a platform for survivors to build bonds with persons they can share  their “me too” with. They can share their stories and be encouraged by stories from their peers to reinforce their not alone. GLAMCON provides a support system for Breast Cancer Survivors an helps them do life together. These are the essential ingredients to becoming a GLAMOROUS CONQUEROR. While providing transformational resources to women affected by and caring for those living with Breast Cancer, GLAMCON fills their day with invigorating rejuvenating and restorative resources that improve their quality of life. GLAMCON empowers women to accept the beauty, emotional health, and self-care tools and resources to reignite the belief, “Today I look and feel good.”

RB: How can readers get involved with it?

SC: Reader can get involved with GLAMCON by registering at www.glamconevents.org or signing up for volunteer opportunities  a www.pinkpeppermintcares.org. We plan to have beauty drives, Glam Retreats, and workshops throughout the year. Women can also #poutwithus in their favorite shade of pink to raise awareness and encourage women to be proactive in their breast health. #pinklipstickcampaign

RB: What’s the most important thing for our readers to know about The Pink Peppermint Project?

SC: We are unique in our services. We provide a practical and compassionate approach to their informational , physical needs through beauty and wellness and support services

RB: How can our readers get involved with The Pink Peppermint Project?

SC: Visit our website at www.pinkpeppermintcares.org to sign up for volunteer opportunities

RB: What are other causes you’re passionate about?

SC: Child sexual abuse, as a child who was a victim of a child predator, it is something that is near and dear to my soul. Domestic violence, although I have never experienced it, I have several friends who have, and I walk beside them in their journey to raise awareness and support those who have been impacted.

RB: You’re obviously very busy, what do you do to balance your life?

SC: Well, that’s a good question. This is something I had to reevaluate over the past few months after being hospitalized due to concerns with my heart. I realized that self-care is so important and the POWER to Say NO is not selfish. I have found ways to be sufficient in both worlds. The key for me was finding the right balance between my profession, organization, and family. You have to make sure that they all flourish. I no longer have the guilt of saying no to people. I have found ways to be efficient in both worlds, and have come to terms with choices and focus on priorities that are in the moment. My husband is very helpful, and I am grateful to have his support in my journey to build upon my legacy.  I use this app called BE FOCUSed, it allows me to be disciplined and set time limits when checking emails and making phone calls. Having valuable me-time is essential. I’ve realized if I’m cranky everyone gets the worst of me and that’s not conducive to anything.  Put you first and everything else will flow.

RB: What words of advice do you have for our readers?

SC: Walk in your purpose and things will manifest for you. Always remember, GOD will never instruct you to do something that he hasn’t already placed in you.  We all have tailor-made assignments, and it’s important that you align yourself with yours. Never compare yourself to others, because GOD’s plan for them has nothing to do with you.


Interview with Faith Banda of Zim Achievers USA

There are some phenomenal people who are doing phenomenal things, and the Zim Acheivers USA Award has been honoring them for the past three years. The Zim Acheivers USA award recognizes individuals in the USA who are role models from the Diaspora Zimbabwean community. Recently, Faith Banda, chair of the Zim Achievers Awards, took some time to answer questions about this annual celebration of greatness.

Ronda Bowen (RB): You have a big event coming up at the end of the month: Zim Achievers USA. Can you tell our readers about the event?

Faith Banda (FB): Yes we have our 3rd annual Awards Gala where we celebrate, honor and recognize inspirational role models in the fields of Business, Sport, Entertainment, Philanthropy and Popular Arts and Culture from the Diaspora Zimbabwean community in USA and starting this year extended to Canada. So those in North America

B: How did you get involved with Zim Achievers USA?

FB: I was invited to help in the organizing committee and saw how much of an impact went into recognizing talent and good done by Zimbabweans in North America. So when the opportunity came to bid for a license, I bid and got it.

RB: What are some of the categories for the awards? 

FB: We have 18 categories this year and to name a few, Media Personality of the Year, Professional of the Year, Female and Male entrepreneur of the Year and Community Champion of the Year.

RB: Can you talk a bit about some of the nominees for the awards? 

FB: Each year we pick a category that is a highlight of the year. This year we focus on youth empowerment. We will honor the Young Achievers of the Year, who will all be receiving their awards gala. These nominees are:

  1. Tariro Kandemiri – Co-founder & Software Engineer, Sewanee Eats, Avid Lacrosse player. best known as the official Lax Girl
  2. Ru Chibanda – 12-year-old Gymnast
  3. Nyasha Zimunhu – College Mentor
  4. 2 Bros. in the Kitchen – 2 brothers in one kitchen, taking on the baking industry
  5. Danielle Sebata – – Tennis Player

These young achievers face challenges and successes daily and are not always recognized. They are role models for their generation and we are truly proud of the work they are doing.

RB: What other projects do you have that you’re working on?

FB: We are working on starting Zim Achievers Canada.

RB: What causes are important to you? 

FB: I am in the healthcare field, specifically children. I am a strong advocate empowering children to be their best. I would like to see our children learn more of our culture, arts and language. I and some of my colleagues are developing a kid’s summer program where our children born here can learn different activities, such as music, art, sports and our language over the 3 months summer period. I would love for my 2 boys to visit home and can talk to my grandmother (their great grandmother) in Shona and can play in the streets the same games I played growing up with my friends.

RB: Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know about the Zim Achievers USA or another of your projects?

FB: I would like to emphasize that we do this Awards gala to celebrate us! It is never about the winner, but about recognizing the good in us and raising our flag high. It is time that we can unite and recognize what someone else is doing, and make it inspire us, if not our children and the future Zimbabwe generation in the Diaspora.

RB: You’re obviously very busy! What do you do to keep balance in your life?

FB: I take time to myself. I have realized that the amount I pour out for the things I love the most, is the same amount of time I need to put in loving me. I love to travel, so I travel a lot and use that time to pour back into me

RB: Do you have any words of advice for our readers?

FB: I will use the words of Winston Churchill, “To improve is to change; To be perfect is to change often”. Sure, it’s time to celebrate successes and learn from what went well. But when the gala is done, the celebration is over, and you head home, the question will be this: “how can we improve on this even more,” and then we can celebrate you at the Zimbabwe achievers Awards 2019.

You can get more information about the Zim Achievers Award on their website: http://www.zimachievers.com/usa/

Speaking of Zimbabwe, have you taken a moment to donate $10 or share JB Dondolo’s Caring Crowd Fundraiser to help provide the people of Igusi with clean water?


Interview with Hopeful Arms Foundation’s Founder, Demira Devoil

What if I told you that there’s a foundation out there that’s working to help those living in poverty and those who are homeless get back on their feet with the tools and resources necessary to overcome poverty? Hopeful Arms Foundation aims to do just that. On their website, the quote by Anonymous, “Hope is the dream that awakens the soul,” greets visitors. Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Demira Devoil, founder of Hopeful Arms Foundation, and learn more about those the organization serves as well as talk with her a bit about her own success. Here’s how that went.
Ronda Bowen (RB): What gave you the idea to start the Hopeful Arms Foundation?
Demira Devoil (DD): Hopeful Arms Foundation’s goal is to see those in the single parent and homeless communities equipped with the tools and resources to overcome poverty.  I was a single parent, who found herself in a homeless situation in Louisiana and experienced firsthand how the lack of resources can lead to limited options for people in the homeless community.  This connection is the foundation for the organization and the individuals we serve.
RB: Please tell our readers about what the aims of the Hopeful Arms foundation are.
DD: Hopeful Arms Foundation is a 501c(3) non-profit organization established to provide intensive life planning, financial planning, training, education, and other services to high risk, under-served individuals. Our goal is to promote self-sufficiency among single parents and homeless individuals for a productive and prosperous transition out an impoverished lifestyle.
RB: What projects do you have underway with the Hopeful Arms Foundation?
DD: Our current project is the Rebirth Shelter Life Program. Rebirth Shelter Life is a program designed to lead, guide, and mentor shelter residents after shelter departure for 3-4 consecutive months. The innovative structure of this program is designed to provide the best outcomes for the homeless community because of its focus of providing education, training, and the development of life skills to thrive in society.
RB: How can readers get involved with your organization?
DD: Hopeful Arms Foundation is an on-the-move nonprofit; we have events monthly that serve single parents and the homeless. We are always looking for those interested in partnering with us through volunteering, sponsorship, or donations. The first step to getting involved with us is reaching out via email at info@hopefularmsfoundation.org or through visiting our website at hopefularmsfoundation.org
RB: What do you believe is the most important thing for readers to know about poverty & homelessness?
DD: The most important thing to know about poverty and homelessness is that poverty is a mindset. Like any other bad habit or mindset, it can be changed through guidance, coaching, and the will to want to see a change.
RB: You have a mission to Lebanon coming up. Can you talk about that?
DD: Yes, I love missions; it’s safe to say that’s my second love. We will be going into Lebanon to be a light and hope and to give love to those who are often forgotten.
RB:  What other events do you have on the horizon that readers might like to know about?
DD: Our upcoming event is our annual Prayer Brunch, Saturday October 6th 11am-1pm. At this event we come together and we celebrate the love we have for our Father. We also celebrate those individuals who have successfully completed our Rebirth Shelter Life and Rebirth Single Parent Life programs. For many of these women, this is a major accomplishment and we celebrate their diligence to want to break poverty cycles and generational curses off their family. We welcome all who’d like to attend!
RB: You’re obviously very busy as the CEO of a nonprofit organization. What do you do to keep a sense of balance in your life?
DD:  I’ve learned that it might be quite possible that we’ll never get a true handle on balancing this life thing, so I do my best to blend life. As a mom, CEO of Hopeful Arms Foundation, Software Engineer, and Doctorate degree student, there is no way I can balance the scales evenly, so I don’t even try. I just blend them and put my main priority, my daughter, in the center of it all.
RB: Do you have any advice for our readers?
DD: If I could leave you with any advice, it would be…”Run as hard as you can towards purpose, live life on purpose, find your thing that thing that God placed you here for and do it! When you leave this Earth, it’s the legacy people will remember, so make it a good one!”

Getting Involved With Causes When You Don’t Have the Time

There are many important causes that you can get involved with. In fact, the number of people and charities needing support is quite large. However, we all have only so much time with which to work. Here’s how to make the most of the time you do have and get involved with important causes – even if you only have a few minutes a month.

Donate to your favorite charities supporting important causes

Donating to charities can take just a few minutes of time (in fact, if you’d like to take just a couple minutes to help get clean water to a medical clinic and school in Igusi, Zimbabwe, you can do so through JB Dondolo’s CaringCrowd campaign). This is a great way to support charities when you just don’t have the time to volunteer to work with them. Take a moment and jot down your favorite causes so that when you have a moment you can search for the organizations – local, national, and global – that champion such causes.

Share your favorite charity’s information on social media

Raising awareness is an important part of running a charity and supporting a cause. If your favorite charity shares a fundraiser, even if you cannot donate, share it with those you are connected to with a note about why the charity is important to you. It only takes a couple seconds to push the “share” or “retweet” button. You get bonus points if you “like” the post on Facebook and comment – this increases the visibility of the post to all of the intended audience. All of these actions take only a few moments of time, but they can have a big impact for charities trying to build a following or awareness about their campaigns.

Host a fundraiser for your favorite charity for your birthday

In lieu of gifts, asking for donations to a charity is catching on in popularity. In fact, it’s becoming so common that Facebook now prompts individuals to select a charity to raise money for when their birthdays are approaching. This only takes a little bit to set up, but again it can have a big impact. Not only are you helping the charity you support to receive much-needed funding, but you’re also helping that charity to get noticed by your friends.

Shop through Amazon Smile

Amazon has a fundraising site set up. You can choose the charity of your choice, and when you shop using smile.amazon.com, a percentage of your order will be donated to the charity of your choice. This is a great way to help a cause you support without spending any extra time, as you were already planning to shop, and the support for your favorite cause happens while you’re shopping.

Sign up for a race that supports a charity organization

Okay, so this takes more than a few minutes, but if you’ve got an hour on a Saturday morning, you’ve got time to run (or walk) a 5k. Many charity organizations host 5k races in order to raise money for their causes, and most of those welcome people of all fitness levels to participate. You can even find 5k races that have shorter 1 mile “fun runs” or dashes attached to them. Heading out to a race on a Saturday morning can be a great way to support an important cause and support your own physical health and well-being.

Show up to events charities put on

Races aren’t the only events put on by charities in an effort to raise money. Other events include concerts, fashion shows, craft shows and even galas. By showing up to such events when you do have a break in your schedule, you can help show your support and raise money for the causes that are important to you.

How do you support your favorite cause?

What do you do to support your favorite charity or cause? We want to hear how you get involved! Share with us in the comments section.

In the meantime, if you could take just a couple of minutes to support J.B. Dondolo, Inc.’s Caring Crowd campaign to provide Igusi with a clean water supply, your efforts would be greatly appreciated. Even as little as $10 can make a big difference in the lives of those impacted in this region.

Provide People With a Clean Water Filtration System in Igusi

JB Dondolo has launched a new fundraising campaign with CaringCrowd. This is a great crowdsourced fundraising platform backed by Johnson & Johnson. By donating as little as $10 to the campaign, you can help to save a child and a mother’s lives. The goal of this campaign is to raise $8,000 to provide people with a clean water filtration system in Igusi.

The message from JB Dondolo is:

The JB Dondolo Clean Water project (in Zimbabwe) made it onto Caring Crowd! We’re trying to raise $8,000 for the filtration system recommended by National University of Science and Technology (NUST). The lab results by NUST show that the water is unsafe for consumption,  especially for children under the age of 1 due to high levels of nitrates. This has been directly linked to the catastrophic increase in illnesses. The filtration system recommended will address this issue and prevent the hospital from being shutdown. We are taking this scientific, informed and researched approach which not only save us money and time, but leads us to implement a sustainable, long-term solution. NUST will perform consistent testing of the water and we will share our findings in the hope that others who want to provide clean water and face a similar challenge may benefit.

Invest in the water project that reduces infant mortality, ensures that mothers have healthy babies, and the aging population is hydrated and has comfort and dignity, period.

It would be great if you were to help with this fundraising drive. Even if you cannot donate to the cause, if you share this fundraising campaign with your friends and followers, you can help raise the funds needed to provide this community with the clean water they critically need.

Without clean water, astronomically high rates of infant mortality, stillbirths, and blue baby syndrome will continue to plague the community of 20,000.

$10 can go a long way toward helping the Igusi community. The best news is that if we act quickly, Johnson & Johnson will match donations up to $250.




Recap of the 2018 Equanimity Awards Benefit Gala

A huge “thank you” goes out to all those who attended the 2018 Equanimity Awards Benefit Gala. The support for Equanimity and JB Dondolo, Inc. is greatly appreciated.  You can continue support for JB Dondolo here. Even committing to as little as $2 a month helps a lot in the fight to get clean water to those who need it and in the fight against infant mortality.

How the Event Did in Raising Funds for JB Dondolo, Inc.

Here’s the rundown of how successful the Equanimity Awards Benefit Gala was this year according to JB Dondolo’s Facebook page:

  • Seventy one people signed up for a trip to Africa. “We will go in groups. The first group of 12 is already working with the Donor Trips coordinator.”
  • 2 Bros in the Kitchen had a goal of selling 200 cupcake jars at $7.00 a jar. They sold 105 jars and they will deliver another 100 jars to Dallas this week. You can learn more about what they’ve been up to on the 2BrosITK Facebook page.
  • Stephanie Kirkpatrick’s tooth whitening toothpaste campaign had a goal of selling 50 tubes. 13 sold, and there are 35 tubes remaining. You can message her through her Facebook page. She’s running her fundraising campaign throughout August.
  • Two event spaces have been donated thank you to Pete Persaud and Robert Griffin – one in Richardson and one in Arlington.
  • One person joined the advisory board of JB Dondolo: Pete Persaud.

  • The $2 a month subscription campaign kicked off to a great start. There are 30 subscribers thus far. You can subscribe to donate just $2 a month for the important Igusi Hospital Project here. Just be sure that you check “Make this a monthly donation.)
  • A $500 Scholarship was donated donated on behalf of JB Dondolo by Pete Persaud to Grand Prairie Parks and Recreation.
  • Cash donations (including auctions) totaled  $1,661.

Thank you again to all who participated in making the 2018 Equanimity Awards Benefit Gala a success! Please share this post to help get the word out about the various fundraising efforts going on this month for JB Dondolo.

Interview with L. Shonny DeBouse-Young, Co-Founder of Mona’s Heart Outreach

Helping the less fortunate with open arms

L. Shonny DeBouse-Young is getting out there and doing great things to improve the lives of others around her. Following the passing of her aunt, Minister LaMona J. Wills, she and LaMona’s sister Angela Pitcher co-founded Mona’s Heart Outreach, a 501c3 organization that aims to help those who are in need of assistance – the homeless, those fleeing domestic violence, and those with health conditions that have lead to poverty. I recently was able to send L. Shonny DeBouse-Young some questions, and here’s how she responded.

L. Shonny DeBouse-Young, co-founder of Mona's Heart Outreach

Ronda Bowen (RB): Can you speak about Minister LaMona J. Wills and what it was that prompted you to start Mona’s Heart Outreach?
L. Shonny DeBouse-Young (SD): Mona’s Heart Outreach, Inc. started serving Tarrant and Dallas County residents October 1, 2010 in loving memory of Minister LaMona J. Wills. Her heart was as big as Texas and she made it her mission to help anyone that she could. LaMona would take people down on their luck and help them find employment and resources to thrive.  She never met a stranger.  Her smile was contagious, and she gave hugs that would let you know it would be okay.  In August of 2010, she passed away suddenly from a pulmonary embolism.  We vowed to continue the good deeds that she believed in.  Today her legacy, love, and service continues through Mona’s Heart Outreach, Inc. an IRS-recognized 501c3 that was co-founded by her only sister, Angela Pitcher, and niece, L. Shonny DeBouse-Young. She was a firm believer in helping the less fortunate.
Mona's Heart Outreach was founded in honor of Minister La Mona Wills.
RB: Can you tell our audience a bit about your charity and the individuals that it serves? 
SD: Mona’s Heart Outreach provides assistance, resources, and relief to those who are affected by homelessness, domestic violence, and medical illness in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.  We also offer support services and resources to veterans, senior citizens, and those who have experienced displacement through financial hardships.  If we can’t accommodate the need, it is our goal to help locate resources. Throughout the year, we give individuals “blessing bags;” these bags are filled with toiletries, snacks, socks, quarters to wash clothes, and words of encouragement.  We also host an annual coat and toiletry drive every December.  During this drive, we collect coats, hats, gloves, toiletries, hand warmers, and hot chocolate.  We call it the “Cup of Hope”.  With each cup of hot chocolate, it’s a sweet reminder that someone cares and warms them.  Mona’s Heart and our team of volunteers then go out on Christmas Eve to the serve the homeless with the coats and supplies.
.Mona's Heart Outreach helps those in need.
RB: What are the most important things that people should know about those affected by homelessness?
SD: Homelessness does not have a gender, race, or creed.  The homeless are people just like you and I.  There are situations in life where there are no other options and people become homeless. Many people lose their jobs, have health crises, or mental health issues.
Charity, Mona's Heart Outreach, caters to those in need
RB: What are the most important things people should know about domestic violence?
SD: Domestic violence affects people from every background imaginable and it causes displacement and homelessness.  Many flee from their abusers with nothing but the clothes on their backs–often times with children–and unfortunately, there is not always a safe place to go.  The local shelters are filled to capacity more often than not.  The victims are left alone and afraid.  Many sleep in vehicles or get hotel rooms if they have resources.  The sad part is that many don’t have any money when they leave their abusers.
Be a blessing to those in need
RB: What are the most important things our readers should know about how medical illnesses can create financial hardships for people?
SD: When you or a loved is diagnosed with a debilitating illness, it can rock the very core of your being.  It can affect income and the ability of the caretaker to sustain employment.  Between doctors visits and care, it can become a daunting task both physically and mentally.  Then, you add medical bills and financial hardship to the equation and it can be unbearable.  A little support goes a long way.  A movie night for the children of a sick parent.  A caregiver getting pampered.  A hotel stay, gas voucher, and meals help out tremendously.  Just knowing that someone cares is priceless.
Mona's Heart Outreach helps those who are homeless
RB:  How can readers get involved with your charity?

SD: They can sign up to become volunteers, participate in our coat drive, or make monetary donations to Mona’s Heart Outreach through our website.

At Mona’s Heart Outreach, everything we do is done from a sincere place of compassion and love and with the intention of helping others to improve their quality of life.  We also ask our friends and volunteers to create “blessing bags” and keep them in your car to give away to someone in need.  Maybe at a stoplight or anywhere.

Mona's Heart Outreach has an annual coat drive


RB: What advice do you have for our readers?
SD: To make a heart-filled effort to help others in any capacity that you can.  You never know when life could throw you or someone you know an unexpected hardship.  My advice is to reach out if you need help and for people to check on one another.  If you suspect a friend, family member, co-worker is being abused, having health issues, or experiencing hardship offer assistance, give gift cards, listen to them, and reach out for professional resources.
Mona's Heart Outreach
RB: How do you embrace balance in your own life?  
SD: I embrace balance in my own life by praying, meditating, serving others, & enjoying my family.  I operate on a blocked schedule, but I make room for adjustments.  This keeps me balanced if something unexpected comes up.  Balance is so necessary in today’s climate because without it, you can become lost in being busy.  My family keeps me centered more than anything.
Minister LaMona Wills inspired the founders of Mona's Heart Outreach

Get involved with Mona’s Heart Outreach

Mona’s Heart Outreach is getting ready to do their annual coat drive. They will begin taking donations in October. To volunteer, learn what in-kind donations they could use, or donate, you can do so through their website, here. Be sure to also follow Mona’s Heart Outreach on Facebook to keep up with the wonderful work they are doing to improve the lives of those in the DFW area.


What You Need to Know About JB Dondolo, Inc.

The 2018 Equanimity Awards Benefit Gala benefits the JB Dondolo, Inc. charity, but do you know what the funds raised for this charity go to?

This 501(3)c nonprofit organization was founded in order to help impoverished communities worldwide. JB Dondolo’s children founded the organization in 2012 to ensure that their father’s good deeds in the fight against poverty would continue. One of the projects currently being sponsored by the organization is the renovation of the medical clinic at Igusi in Zimbabwe.

This small hospital serves over 20,000 individuals living in the area. The biggest concern right now is getting clean water into the clinic. Igusi Hospital shares its water system with a nearby school.

Step 1: Cleaning up Igusi’s Water Supply

The water in Igusi is undrinkable. Chemical and microbiological lab results from the samples collected by the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) sowed that they were over the recommended maximum limit.

Moreover, the water at Igusi is hard and has a high level of nitrates, making it unsuitable for consumption by babies under a year of age as consuming this water may result in blue baby syndrome. “Blue baby syndrome” is caused when there are heart defects that cause newborns to not have enough oxygen moving through their blood supply to be distributed to all of their organs and extremities. This causes babies to have a blue tint to their skin.

E. coli, and psudomonas are other concerns as they can cause devastating infections to those in vulnerable populations including infants, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems.

Building an adequate filtration system

The long-term solution proposed by NUST and followed by JB Dondolo, Inc. is to install filters at the main water source before the dispatch to the clinic. There will then be a retest for pathogens.

The filters will include a dosing chamber so that treatment chemicals can be added and a two-tank system to complete the treatment before the water goes through a pipe running from the tanks to the clinic.

How you can help JB Dondolo, Inc. help Igusi

If you are unable to attend the 2018 Equanimity Awards Benefit Gala at the end of this month, you can still help JB Dondolo, Inc. help others.  You can always donate securely online, donate by mail by sending a check or money order to JB Dondolo, Inc. at 320 Decker Drive #100, Irving, TX 75062, or you can volunteer your time. You can even choose to have Amazon donate a portion of your purchase at no extra cost to you to JB Dondolo, Inc. by choosing the charity through using the Amazon Smile program. For more information, you can view the JB Dondolo, Inc. website or contact JB Dondolo at info@jbdondolo.com.


Are You Ready for the Equanimity Awards Gala?

The 2018 Equanimity Awards are happening this year on July 28th. The annual gala benefits JB Dondolo, Inc., a 501c3 charity dedicated to help fight poverty. The event host is Alianna Sarabia, and the event co-host is Daniel Dodd-Ellis. The event is at a private location in Lewisville, Texas starting at 6pm. You can purchase tickets through the website, here.

2018 honorees include:

  • Community Impact Award: LeAnne Locken
  • Breakthrough Award: Rogers Vigne
  • Humanitarian Award: Leslee Udwin
  • Excellence Award: Monica Johnson
  • Visionary Voice Award: Debra Nixon-Bowles
  • Women Empowerment Award: Cassandra Bradford Wilson
  • People’s Choice Award: Noah McArthur
  • Outstanding Teen Leader Award: Colby Christina
  • Pan-African Thrive Award: To be announced at the awards.

Guests and presenters will include:

  • Angie Ransome Jones
  • Sipiwe, Mutsa, and Sinikiwe of talk show Ndeipi MuDiaspora
  • Sibongile Mlambo
  • Ashley Berges
  • Seckeita & Brandon Lewis
  • Lousine Kariban
  • Tommy Simms

About The Equanimity Awards

The Equanimity Awards Gala benefits the JB Dondolo, Inc. charity. The purpose of this event on July 28 is to award change makers in the community all while raising funds (in-kind and monetary donations) for Phase II of Hospital Hope Project. Phase II is about fixing and building new structures (including sustainable water systems) at Igusi Clinic. This effort will impact a community of 20,000 people.

The Equanimity Awards Gala honors individuals in various categories such as entrepreneur, community achievement, humanitarian, excellence, visionary, breakthrough, leadership and more.

The Equanimity Awards Gala is where people from various backgrounds can connect with like-minded individuals for a common and good cause – to support each other and support our charitable work in the communities.

About JB Dondolo, Inc.

JB Dondolo, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit which primarily exists to provide charitable services to impoverished communities worldwide. The company focuses on those markets that cannot afford the simple, basic necessities. The organization was founded by Dondolo’s children in November, 2012. It is named after their late father, J. B. Dondolo, an orphan, farmer, and humanitarian advocate whose values and principles on giving continue to inspire his children, friends, and families across the world. J. B. Dondolo played a critical role in the fight against poverty. Dondolo’s children saw the need to form a non-profit to honor their father so his legacy of good deeds would continue. The charity is interested in promoting, developing, and completing projects and programs that have been started but left incomplete or imagined but not started for a variety of reasons.
Read more at www.jbdondolo.org

For more information about The 2018 Equanimity Awards

Send an email to charity@equanimitymag.com or call 817-705-6212 if you’re interested in learning more, want to become a sponsor, or would like to volunteer.

You can also follow the event on its the 2018 Equanimity Awards Facebook Event Page, and purchase tickets through the link there.