NSAEN Partners with JB Dondolo to Fight Poverty

NSAEN, LLC Film Festival announces a new partnership with JB Dondolo Foundation. The principal goals to provide charitable services worldwide to the impoverished communities. The Foundation will focus on supporting those markets with limited resources and funding.

The partnership will promote developing programs and projects that will stimulate interest, growth and, sustainability within an impoverished community. http://www.JBDondolo.org.

“The NSAEN Online Film Festival, celebrating its third year, continues to focus on supporting independent filmmakers throughout the world.  Joining forces with the JB Dondolo Foundation is an incredible opportunity which will enable us to link our resources.  Our collaboration with the JB Dondolo Foundation will enable us to raise funds to provide clean water to those populations throughout the world whose lives will be enriched through our endeavors.” – Brian T. Shirley NSAEN Film Festival Executive Producer  

The JB Dondolo Foundation will receive a donation from every film submitted to the festival.

No Strings Attached E-News (NSAEN, LLC) launched three years ago to provide a platform for creative talent within the world of film to recognize up and coming professionals who demonstrate exceptional achievement in the art of filmmaking. The NSAEN Online Film Festival encourages those up and coming as well as seasoned professionals within the film and entertainment industry to submit their film projects to NSAEN.

Entries are divided into the following categories:

Full-Length Film (60 minutes plus) Drama, Horror, SCI/FI & Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Action/Adventure, Documentary

Short Film (Less than 60 minutes) Drama, Horror, SCI/FI & Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Action/Adventure, Documentary

Animation Drama, Horror, SCI/FI & Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Action/Adventure, Documentary

WEB Series Drama, Horror, SCI/FI & Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Action/Adventure, Documentary

To give an edge for our third year, NSAEN added a new category, Music Videos!

Many of the films are in languages other than English, with subtitles.

Brian T. Shirley, Executive Film Festival Producer, and Film Festival Consultant Vanessa Hundley announced the event with a YouTube video in June. Shirley said, “This is our third year, and with the already amazing a distribution deal with Shami Media Group, we were able to join forces with e360tv as a second distributor to our online film festival. For all filmmakers worldwide, this is a great platform to be seen and rising new stars to be discovered.

Details of the online festival are available at http://www.nsaen.com/onlinefilmfestival. For additional information contact: Deborah Hayter 310-591-0404

JB Dondolo to Receive 2019 UN Day Global Leadership Award

The Dallas Chapter of the United Nations Association of the USA, a national membership organization, devoted to strengthening the U.S.- UN relationship through public education and advocacy, announced its 2019 UN Day Global Leadership Award recipients on August 7th, 2019.

Among this extraordinary group of recipients, is JB Dondolo. The chapter is awarding the organization with a 2019 Leadership Award for Goal 6, Clean Water and Sanitation, to be accepted by Founder and CEO Lumbie Mlambo.

The UN Day Global Leadership Awards Dinner is a one-of-a-kind event that brings together community leaders, educators, legislators, Faith & nonprofit organizations, and attendees to engage on global affairs, civil and social justice, human rights, and much more.

JB Dondolo is among 10 organizations being honored with awards for making significant progress on projects pertaining to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Almas Muscatwalla is to receive the Eleanor Roosevelt Lifetime Achievement Award.

The 2019 UN Day keynote speaker is Neera Tanden, President and CEO of the Center for American Progress (CAP). She has made significant contributions herself through serving as a member of President Barack Obama’s health reform team, managing domestic policy initiatives during President Obama’s first term, and serving in leadership roles for former Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton.

JB Dondolo’s board is made up of:

  • Lumbie Mlambo, Founder & CEO
  • Dr. Renee Hornbuckle, Planning & Development Director
  • Ronda Bowen, Fundraising Director
  • Bridgette Johnson, Community Outreach & Public Relations Director
  • Tendai Mushambi, Treasurer
  • Patricia Ellis, Program and Nominating Director
  • Beatrice Davis & VanDella Menifee, Advisory Board
  • Ashleigh Woodend, Grant Writer

Lumbie Mlambo will receive the award on October 24, 2019 at the Irving Arts Center in Dallas, Texas. Tickets to the 2019 UN Day Global Leadership Awards can be purchased here. Register today to save on your admission, then join us on October 24 to help celebrate all of the 2019 Global Leadership Award recipients.